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More beautiful stallions





8 years old; origin 7,5 – type 7,0 – measurements 7,5 – conformation 8,5 – serviceability 3,0. Measurements 163-164-180-19, class 1, line Sere.

fantastic / smart movements / good horse for endurance

good quiet character, works under children.

I think he may be the most practical for me and I would use him for endurance. As far as breeding, although he has a plain head (thus his low type score) he is very athletic. And well trained…

His brother Asman also has very simple head but has given many interesting children, whose children are already titled. For example Duigur from Asman has given the Reserve Champion of Russia and World – mare Farida Hanum.







2001 (Gajgysyz – Sorija) line Posman, class elite, 159 cm,

He was the best one-year-old colt in 2002 and also the prize-winner in 2003 in the World championships.

Good character, very interesting stallion, not being trained currently.







2002 (Gajgysyz – Grief) line Posman, class 1, 163 cm

more simple stallion than brother Gajsan

Good character, very good movements

See his video: avi 12 mb; mpg 60 mb







7 years old, class – elite; line – Fakirpelvan; typicalness – 7,8; conformation – 8,5;
very good ability to endurance. very good legs, heart and breath, iron horse.
Normal character, no bad habits. He is obedient with people. ideal conformation.







4 years old, 158 : 157 : 165 : 19cm, line – Toporbay, good average type, not high level;
No lacks nor bad habits. Quiet, obedient stallion. lost one forward tooth.

Note: not yet rated.




And I am buying this mare!! She is so beautiful. Now I have to find a stud worthy of her!




And thanks to Nadja from Akhalt-Service for all your help. The most highly recommended person to help find good Russian Akhal-Tekes!

4 Responses to More beautiful stallions

  1. Ulrike says:

    This is the most beautiful Akhal Teke Mare I have ever seen!
    If you breed her with Mihman – I wil buy the foal!
    I had a son of Fakir Pelvan 30 years ago and he was not only extremely beautiful ( an Elite graded stallion himself) but the sweetest character you can think of.
    What is the line of the mare?
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Ulrike Ruppelt

  2. Amelia says:


    Dear Argamak stud canada ,
    google Karakum akhal-teke and scroll down to Yasmene .she is a beautiful
    13 year old mare. she would be a great choice for Haib Shail .
    if you would like to breed them together,you will have a great foal!
    Anyway, how are
    those beautiful horses doing ? Will Pagoda or Darginka be expecting a


  3. I am interested in PEGAS and his pedigree. Can you send me this information. Unfortunately, the video was not available to play. Any information on this stallion, good or bad, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Jan Kiblinger


  4. Kerri-Jo says:

    Hi Jan, this Pegas is in Russia, I can find out if he is still available but I suspect you are looking for the one Tito bred that is in the US?

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