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top practical stallion choices!

From Studfarm “Akhalt-Service” I like:



Mihman (2000, Maksut 2 x Malka, linea Fakirpelvan, 158-158-178-19.5)

7 years old, class – elite; line – Fakirpelvan; typicalness – 7,8; conformation – 8,5;
very good ability to endurance. very good legs, heart and breath, iron horse.
Normal character, no bad habits. He is obedient with people. ideal conformation.

Recommended by Nadja for good endurance ability. Very good legs, heart and respiration. Plus an obedient horse with good character. Probably best endurance horse to buy!







8 years old; origin 7,5 – type 7,0 – measurements 7,5 – conformation 8,5 – serviceability 3,0. Measurements 163-164-180-19, class 1, line Sere.

By Koldun, the son of Sere out of Almagul, imported from Turkmenistan. She is the daughter of a stallion from line Fakirpelvan – Abdulrahman.

fantastic / smart movements / good horse for endurance

good quiet character, works under children.

I think he may be the most practical for me and I would use him for endurance. As far as breeding, although he has a plain head (thus his low type score) he is very athletic. And well trained…

His brother Asman also has very simple head but has given many interesting children, whose children are already titled. For example Duigur from Asman has given the Reserve Champion of Russia and World – mare Farida Hanum.







2002 (Gajgysyz – Grief) line Posman, class 1, 163 cm

more simple stallion than brother Gajsan

Good character, very good movements

See his video: avi 12 mb; mpg 60 mb



More videos are coming as well.

All photos unless otherwise marked are from the photographer, Julja Kuznetsova.

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