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Cross breeding Akhal-Tekes

The most famous cross presently is with the Appaloosa. The Nez Perce tribe has a breeding program whose goal is to breed back to their famous historically renouned horses, the Nez Perce horses, by mixing their Appaloosas with Akhal-Tekes.

Bling was bred at Golden Eagle Ranch:
Nez Perce

The most popular cross, with the Arabian. I think this is because people want to keep the sensitivity of the Arabian, but don’t want the reactivity/spookiness. Plus the gaits from the Akhal-Teke make a cross much smoother to ride.

Gestüt Classic Performance loves the cross so much that they have trademarked a name for the cross, Arasier®
This foal is Eurowings, bred by Gestüt. Doesn’t he look amazing!

And this is Ayelet, a 2 year old Akhal-Teke/Arabian filly:


How about an Akhal-Teke – Quarter Horse cross: What an awesome trail horse!!

Deb Johnson of Golden Horses of Niobe Valley is leasing Koldune to breeding this interesting cross. We expect great foals in 2009!
Here are two of Koldune’s foals, Stoney and Rafe, bred by his owner Sarah Mael for FEI dressage. Their mother is an Anglo-Shagua:

And the big up and coming mix, crossing with warmbloods to get more speed and agility while maintaining bone and strength and a sound mind. Get some of that amazing movement for dressage!

Here is Sahara bred by European Performance Horses, out of an Oldenburg mare. This filly is amazing, check out her movement:

And of course ponies! I think the Teke will give such amazing pony crosses as they will lean out the pony and with their jumping abilities I think the sky is the limit. Personally I would like a Caspian for my kids while they are small and then a Teke-Caspian cross for a large sport pony for them when they are bigger. Too much fun!

Chase Shirley Temple owned by Hedi Berry of Chase Farm is an Akhal-Teke – Welsh pony cross:
Teke ponyChase Shirley Temple

And Sharon Saare is known for breeding a variety of great crosses with Aliger:

Don’t breed to an Akhal-Teke because it is the trendy thing to do – breed for movement, soundness, heartiness and comfort!

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  1. Randy Steck says:

    Allegra Steck, owner of Central Asian Equines in Buena Vista, VA, has bred Caspian-Teke crosses with great success. I suggest you look her up at http://www.centralasianequines.com.

    In the opposite direction, she’s also crossed a Teke with a 17h+ Percheron (sp?).

    In the interests of full disclosure, I’m her brother. I stumbled upon your site when looking up crossing information and noted your interest.

    Randy Steck

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