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the Yasin & Yaser Horse Breeding and Training Center
the Yasin & Yaser Horse Breeding and Training Center

The Yasin and Yaser Horse Breeding and Training Center is located in Golestan province in the Sufyan Village of Kaleleh city. Mr. Anna Mohammad Ghelichi started the stud farm 15 years ago with their first mare, Gulemahan, a Yamout Turkmen that was bought for racing. Anna was a student of Louise Firuz, who suggested to […]

Darginka in jump training
Darginka in jump training

Darginka seems to really like to jump so that’s what we are doing! I’m starting the low ones and we are working on straightness and speed (and my confidence!) Here are a couple photos of the trainer Meghan Parlee trying her out. Darginka didn’t seem phased by the height at all and happily jumped a […]

Royal Anarchist

The Royal Anarchist endurance ride was held just outside of Osooyos, BC and offered a variety of rides, including 25, 35, 50 and 75 mile distances. It was mostly rolling hills with some elevation in the third loop. Great footing and a nice area! Thanks so much for a fun ride!! (For more information on […]

Skimikin Lake

We had a great time at Skimikin Lake! We went there for the endurance ride and we came second with a CRI of 48/48 and all As except for a B on gut sounds. Congratulations to Sandra and Sumgait (another Akhal-Teke!) who are already top tenning in their third ride! But the real fun of […]

Horseshoe Lake CEI Challenge ride
Horseshoe Lake CEI Challenge ride

What a wild ride that one was!! The Endurance Riders of Alberta held the Horseshoe Lake ride as a FEI/CEI 3* 160 km ride, as well as other distances. Darginka and I did the 25 mile (40 km) ride both days and Steven was our driver and groom extraordinaire! I didn’t take any photos, although […]

Stanley Park in February
fuzzy horses in February!

the Tekes (Darginka & Davinia): and introducing the Thoroughbreds (who are for sale!): Tikka: Jemma Skye: ——————————

Darginka- conformation
Darginka- conformation

I have picked a few random photos of Darginka and analyzed her conformation to show that photo quality matters less than it appears. As you can see her lumbar-sacral placement is behind the point of the hip. You can see bridging on her spine (see inside oval in the last photo) as a result of […]

conformation comparison
conformation comparison

Just for comparison, here is my favourite Akhal-Teke. Although he appears to some to be long and weak check out the powerful hind end and correct conformation: LS – good, directly over point of hip Rear Triangle – equilateral for jumping, coiled movement and long strides Stifle – very low, 1o furlongs plus Pillar of […]

training, second sessions!
training, second sessions!

This is Erin’s second lesson on Darginka, who actually seems to enjoy the work. Darginka wasn’t sure what to do with the jumps at first, but she finally jumped one! And here is Erin playing with Davinia. The yearling really doesn’t seem phased by having someone on her back and just started grazing after Erin […]

breaking Davinia
breaking Davinia

Here is Erin breaking Davinia. She didn’t seem to mind much. Rocky stood by and supervised. We had the saddle on Davinia a couple days ago with no reaction so we decided to try mounting her. The idea came from Tatyana who was very surprised that no one had Tekes trained to saddle who were […]

morning in Lumby

Our hosts for the VNIIK grading in British Columbia were Lone Larch Akhal-Tekes. We had exceptional food and stayed in a beautiful spot. Kamileshen and Davinia got along really well in their paddock. Here are some photos the day after the grading around their place in Lumby, BC:

VNIIK grading 2010

Tito Pontecorvo (Akhal-Texas) and Tatyana Riabova (VNIIK) on the Canadian Akhal-Teke grading tour. I went to the one held at Lone Larch Akhal-Tekes in Lumby, BC. The results and a photo of each horse in attendance is posted on the Akhal-Teke Canada site. Cindy will be posting the rest of the Canadian results on ATSBA […]

Darginka free jumping

We took Darginka to the Farpoint Farms/Hobbit Hollows Open House and Free Jumping Competition. Darginka did very well, especially since we hadn’t tried this before. She placed mid pack, in general above the Thoroughbreds but below the warmbloods. The judge liked her and remarked that she is a very careful jumper and thought that she […]

Darginka, spring 2010

Darginka did her second limited distance endurance ride at Rock Creek. The Rock Creek Roundup was a 30 mile ride and she moved out really well for 15 miles and then we pretty much walked the rest of the way except for a trot along the road at the end. Her ride time was about […]

Akpai, spring 2010

Akpai has been leased to Katrin who is using her for endurance this year. Akpai turned out to be such a nice riding horse that her daughter rode her in her first 30 mile ride. Akpai is now down in Idaho with Katrin and set to do her first 50 miler this weekend.

Davinia, spring 2010

Davinia is now a yearling and is still all fluffy from being up at 100 Mile. I’m still not sure if she is buckskin or smokey black. Her dark brown winter hair is shedding out and underneath is black. She isn’t grey though. The last couple photos show her reunion with Darginka her mom. She […]

Pagoda, spring 2010

Pagoda isn’t quite shed out yet but is healthy and happy. These photos were taken at Rock Creek on the way to meet her boyfriend in Creston, BC.

Pagoda & Darginka

Here are Pagoda and Darginka this spring. They are finally shed out (although still a bit fuzzy in some of the photos) and the weather has been great recently. Pagoda has been great under saddle and really loves being ridden. That was their first time inside and indoor arena and going over poles. Pagoda is […]

Video, fall 2009
HOTR endurance ride

That’s Darginka watching the 50 milers leave for their ride. It was good timing at sunrise and I managed to get a few photos of them. In my very last shot the sun rose and shone on the riders, oh man the light was perfect, but we had to get ready for our start in […]


The Pineapple Express is blowing through the west coast and we are warm and wet! I have never seen so much mud!! I took Akpay and Davinia’s blankets off to condition them to the cold as they will be going up to the Levermann Ranch past 100 Mile. Davinia is going to run with a […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Pagoda (& friends) in December

Sunshine! Pagoda & friends: Yea! Snow!! and the kids riding in the Christmas Parade: and more shots:

Akpai – for sale

Akpai is currently being leased out to Katrin Leverman of 100 Mile House to start in limited distance endurance riding for the 2010 season. You can read all about Akpai on her pedigree page and see all her (and her baby Yupekli’s) photos on Flickr

winter riding

We are so lucky to have such great riders here, who all love to ride on a dark cold rainy afternoon! (and yes I now notice the ill fitting tack and I’ll check Pagoda’s saddle position and fix Darginka’s bridle!!) And it looks like Janet has to put Akpai up for sale as she cannot […]

Mametkul- SOLD!
Mametkul- SOLD!

Mametkul, a circus trained Akhal-Teke gelding who showed with Avaia, is for sale as the group is returning to Russia. He is the favourite horse of Mairbek Kantemirov who is asking $21,000 for him but is also accepting offers. Mametkul is 6 years old, 16.1hh (1.64 meters) and is very kind and fun with people. […]

training is well underway!

Akpai is for sale and these last couple weeks a couple people have looked at her. She has the easiest temperament of the mares for riding and is the smoothest with the nicest strides: Pagoda is the surprise for riding. I had given up on her as a sound riding horse after all her sickness […]

Akpai & Isha

Isha, a spiritual teacher and endurance rider, has fallen for Akhal-Tekes! You can read Isha’s book, Why Walk When You Can Fly, as well as watch her movie. Isha also appeared here on CBC with our own Steven & Chris and she blogs on the Huffington Post. With women like Isha and the Amazon of […]

kids & the Tekes
training begins

All the horses are now started under saddle. Akpay is very smooth with great gaits, Pagoda really seems to love being ridden, Darginka isn’t sure she wants to give up control yet and Davinia just loves any attention!

around home

The horses are at our new place, they have all settled in well and are enjoying playing together. We have had them all under saddle at least once this past week and they all are very trainable and easy going. The big clean up on our property is done and now the land is mostly […]

Akhal-Teke filly Hanum

Hanum is a new bay filly. She is by Arim and out of Hvoia (Osman-Hanbibi) and was bred by Akhal Texas. She is a beauty and she is for sale! You can see all her photos on Flickr.

Akhal-Teke colt Target

Target is a very typey bay yearling colt. He is by Arim and out of Toscana and was bred by Akhal Texas. He is a real Akhal-Teke and will grow up to be as classic as his brothers Eramay and Tarzan!

Koldune, for lease

Koldune is available for lease or possibly sale to the right home. Koldune is currently being leased to the Golden Horses of Niobe Valley in Alberta. He has proven himself a sire of wonderful and correct part-breds and is considered an improver of all breeds. Although he is not considered a purebred by MAAK, he […]

Tekes for sale, spring 2008
Tekes for sale, spring 2008

Akpay 2003 mare, Argamak Stud Canada ———————— Abrek by Galkan, contact Ganna, Golden Horses of Asia ——————— Ghitana (Pirakhmed – Gheysha) 2006 filly, Stavropol Stud ——————— Kaganat (Kazbek x Gulchetai) 2004 stallion,  Argamak Stud, Netherlands ———————– Kurban (Gazyr x Magar), Shael Stud ———————– Midhat Geli (Gaygisis x Maygul) 2006 colt, Geli Teke ———————— Seygenlik Geli […]

Davinia on day 5

Measurements: height to wither: 100 cm / 39″ body length: 71 cm / 28″ neck length (wither to poll): 38 cm / 15′ full back length (wither to tail): 63.5 cm / 25″ back length (wither to croup): 34 cm / 13.5″ Links to see more of Davinia: Davinia as a newborn Davinia on day […]

the Tekes in January

The horses are all healthy and happy, although a bit fat and fluffy and so they resemble cute ponies right now. Pagoda is finally healthy and we plan on breeding her to Habib this spring. I haven’t decided about breeding either Darginka or Akpay so if you are interested in a foal from either next […]

Davinia, day 3

These are photos of Davinia on her 3d day. Davinia means “beloved” in Scottish, so she is named the same as her sire Habib, which is a Persian name meaning “beloved”. She is a big, bold filly with some spunk. We think she is an improvement on her dam and perhaps on her sire as […]

Darginka’s new baby!
Darginka's new baby!

Yea! Darginka has finally delivered a healthy filly (by Habib Shael) Thanks to Brent and Grace (At Bolsin) for the photos!! I will be off to visit them this weekend to see our new baby You can see all of her photos on the Flickr photostream About her colour, it is very unlikely she is […]

2009 Akhal-Teke Calendar

the golden light of the setting sun Akhal-teke horses 2009 calendar by Daniel Shalloe he’s number 1 – and he knows it akhal-teke stallion threesome golden celebration These are some of the beautiful images are by Dan65 – You can buy his calendar, see more Akhal-Tekes photography and visit Kerri-Jo’s photography as well

Youpekli at 1 month old

Youpekli is Habib and Akpay’s first foal and Pagoda is finally doing well and even has a belly now: I will take tons of photos when I go visit again, I’m waiting until after Darginka has had her baby. Thanks to Tracey Adams for the photos and of course thanks to Brent and Grace for […]

Habib’s first baby!!
Habib's first baby!!

Congratulations to Akpay who just had Habib’s baby at 3:30 today!!! Here are the first photos of her just over an hour old today courtesy of her owner, BGD Ranch: It’s a girl! So she was a bit of a surprise as we didn’t think they were bred last year. All the horses were thrown […]

Lone Larch Akhal-Tekes

Habib is standing at Lone Larch to breed a couple of their lovely Akhal-Teke mares as well as a couple of Arabians mares.

BGD Ranch, Calgary

BGD Ranch near Calgary is standing Dazyrdi, by Gindarkh 13 line Gelishikli. They also have a young bay mare, Dazzle, and a part-bred palomino gelding, Banjo Boogie (ATxArabian).

update on the Tekes

I was hoping to get some great shots of the Tekes but they are still not shed out!! It was a long cold winter for them up north but they are getting back into shape now. Akpay and Darginka are pregnant and we are waiting to see if Pagoda is as well.

the World Akhal-Teke Association

this year’s the Akhal-Teke World Cup – SHAEL is going to be very interesting with the formation of the International Akhal-Teke Jockey Club and the World Akhal-Teke Organisation! Be there if you can!!

Akhal-Teke videos vii

Akhal Teke Race in Pardubice, Czech Republic; Galop en Arrière par Jérôme TEXIER et ARABESK; Ahal Teke Atlary

Tribute to Eight Belles

Big Brown wins the Kentucky Derby but our hearts go out to Eight Belles.

Habib Shael on Saddle Up’s cover

You can read the article I wrote for Saddle Up here and see it’s layout on the Akhal-Teke Canada site as well.

Akhal-Teke Press Release

The Akhal-Teke, an artwork of ancient origin with such majesty that there is no comparison in the equine world so they must be compared to other species: “A serpent, an eagle and a cheetah – all in one…” I. Khienkina

BGD Ranch
The horses have arrived at Brent and Grace’s BGD Ranch in Alberta.
Update on the horses

We currently are selling our acreage and we have moved the horses to roam on a section of land near Edmonton, Alberta for the winter.

Habib’s sire, Gayaz
Studfarm Shael stands some of the best Akhal-Teke stallions in the world.
We are fortunate to have Habib Shael, out of their great stallion Gayaz!
Habib’s Dam, AYKHANUM
Habib's Dam, AYKHANUM

Studfarm Shael was formed using magnificent mares of the Dagestan Horse-Breeding Centre that were chosen on V.P. Shamborant’s recommendation. One of these foundation mares is Ajkhanum. Habib is her last foal.

The Tekes & Michael
My husband Michael is getting to know the horses!
Poor guy, he was afraid of horses but I think they are winning him over!!

All the horses are now together at our neighbours place. Even though she is soaking (it is really pouring!!) Darginka still prefers to be outside, unlike Habib and Pagoda who prefer inside. Akpay wasn’t sure but in the end wandered out with Darginka.

Self Promotion, re: Russian Poetry in Motion

This post is my comment to Jessica Eile Keith’s statement on the ShaEl Teke website:

old history, me and my previous horses

I am looking for my old equine massage therapy page to put up again (I really need to start working, lol!!) and I found photos from my old site when I had Abu Dhan and Delight. I couldn’t resist posting them!

another update on our Akhal-Tekes

The mares are doing well, although Pagoda could use more weight still and Darginka is now fat. Habib is quite the character.
I can’t wait to get them home, a couple more weeks…

the SaddleChariot
Check out this “organic all-terrain vehicle”!!
Moving to Whonnock!

Here is an overview of the area where our new farm is going to be. Maybe we can entice you to come out and help us set up over the long weekend; just little things like clearing, painting, flooring… (*grin*)

Grass, grass, and more grass!

You wouldn’t think you could lose the horses in a large open field, but it took me a while to find them in the deep grass!!

Thunderbird Show Park

We enjoyed seeing a bit of jumping at the show this weekend, hopefully soon we will start seeing Akhal-Tekes and crosses soon.
Emma now not only wants to jump horses she also wants to try the vaulting!!

Introducing Habib to Canada!!
Habib Shael/Хабиб: Perlino, 2004 (Gayaz – Aykhanum), line Posman, family Fantazia, 159 cm.
All together again…

Well, except Darginka, who loves her herd and jumped over 2 fences with a ditch in between to get back to them. I have to figure out something to keep her in. But everyone is doing well and seems happy!!

Update on the horses

Habib seems to have recovered the best. He is very striking, more so in person, with his opalescent sheen and blue-green eyes! Darginka hates being in a stall!! Akpay’s movements are amazing. Pagoda is holding steady. They are all very sweet.

Leaving Moscow

The horses are finally all boarded!! Thanks so much to Nadja and Misha! I think they will be glad to see the end of Pagoda!
They will now travel from Moscow to Amsterdam, then fly to LA Wed, 3 days in quarantine, then trucked up here next weekend (as long as Pagoda loads – cross your fingers for us)!!

About Akpay

Akapy is our traditional Akhal-Teke horse. She is considered to have the most type. Here are some pictures from Nadja of her from a foal to a two year old. Akpay is currently waiting patiently in Moscow still, hopefully only until Saturday.

Habib waiting in Moscow…

Here are some photos that Nadja took of Habib playing in the paddock.
June 6th is the new flight date.

Habib in Moscow

As an update, everyone is doing very well and they should be on the plane from Amsterdam to LA on June 6th.
Here are some photos that Nadja took of Habib for me:

Trip delayed by accident

Pagoda cut her leg while being loaded into the trailer and the vet had to stitch her up. Because of the sealed trailer to Amsterdam the horses will now not leave until next week…

The horses are all in Moscow!

Akpay, Pagoda and Habib are now in Moscow and everyone is doing well!
Nadja has taken these photos for me and I have to show off these beautiful horses!

New greener pastures

Darginka has settled in well at her new home. She has been moved so much in the past year and seems to be fine anywhere, but she really loves it here. So no more moving!!

Emma & Darginka

New photos of Darginka. Emma is learning fast how to work with her.

More Salimrashid

Here are more photos from Akhalt-Service of Salimrashid (Shaol x Sinekchi) line Everdy Teleke, future endurance partner.


Here are some head shots of Akpay that Nadja sent me. I have seen some photography from Vikarus before and I really like it.
Tekes have such exquisite heads!


Here are some new photos of Darginka. She is almost shed out.
Note: Darginka didn’t get any joy from her new boyfriend as he is a gelding.


Nadja from Akhalt-Services has sent me these photos of Salimrashid. Besides having an impudent character she remarked that he should be a good cover stallion and very good sport horse in the future.

Potential Breeding Program Plans

We have listed our proposed breedings. Watch for some amazing foals coming for sale in 2008!!

Introducing for stud: Habib Shael

Habib Shael is coming to Canada from the Vladimir Shamborant Studfarm!
Wish us luck that our new stud arrives safe and sound.

Another great mare, Akpay!

Akpay, bred by Akhalt-Services, is a 4 year old line Arab mare by Palmar out of Akgozel. She is one of the world’s best line Arab mares and has come 3d in two championships, behind Pendzhire. She looks fast to me!

Emma and Darginka

Darginka and Emma are learning together and both have bonded with each other…

Darginka is now being bred to Salam!

Last minute change!! We decided to breed Darginka to Salam for more type and height. I like Metman for his jumping ability, and we may try him next year…

Studs for Pagoda

Here is an introduction about Pagoda and some information about this years breeding choices…

Metman for Darginka!

We have chosen Metman from Freedom Run Farms as our stud for this year. We feel that Metman’s proven athleticism will produce the best sport foal from Darginka.

Darginka’s escape

Darginka jumped over a 20-25 ft ditch filled with brambles into a large old yard. I had my camera and took pictures of her running around with her new freedom.

Volya for Geldy Kyarizov

On-Line Auction for Bolya, the Freedom Horse, for Geldy Kyarizov, his family and his horses!
We are putting up a boxed 1991 Breyer model of Bolay, The Freedom Horse, an Akhal-Teke. In Russian her name means “freedom”, and this model was made to honour the breed and the emerging democracy in the USSR.

Week 3 & 4 training, by Drew & Emma too!

Darginka’s training is going really well. Drew was sick for a week so Emma took over. Darginka now comes running to greet us and is becoming very personable. She is such a sweet horse, we couldn’t have chosen better for personality!

a walk, training week 2, more ponies and a llama

Our entire family have gone for a couple of nice walks on the dike in between storms. Darginka is coming along well and certainly getting more energy! Drew is working well with her. Emma loves to go to the pony pen and watch the little ponies. I’m still waiting for that llama to spit on us!

Akhal-Tekes as Jumpers

My interest in jumping has always been from the bleachers as I ‘m watching (and in awe of those magnificent athletic animals and riders) a competition. I love Spruce Meadows and when I lived in High River, AB I pretty well went to all the major events…

Training begins! (and some pony fun)

I think I’ve lucked out with our trainer Drew. He is calm and thorough and isn’t rushing the training. His biggest problem seems to be that I have trained Darginka to come in to me and follow me and now Drew has to teach her to go out to lunge. She doesn’t get the circling […]

Update on Darginka

New pictures and an update on how Darginka is progressing – training suggestions are appreciated!

Darginka’s line

This is Darginka’s line. I wanted to see if there was a resemblance in ancestry. I’d like to put in links to photos of each horse so if you have one I could use please let me know!

Darginka has arrived!

Lyne arrived this morning with Darginka. She is already settling in well. We will let her rest and gain weight for a month and then we will start some training with her.

Golden Horses

I had to look up equine coat colour genetics to find out the chances of what colour mares would throw when matched to Habib, whom we think is a perlino but may be a cremello.


We have bought an Akhal-Teke broodmare from Jennifer Bristow of RareEquine.com. Her name is Darginka and she is from Tito Pontecrvo’s breeding. Darginka is rated as an elite mare…