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Darginka, Akhal-Teke mare

Darginka was bred by Tito Pontecorvo, who is known for breeding classic sporthorses. Darginka’s sire is the famous Gigant (Gektor x Akbella), Gelishikli line, and her dam is Darpa (Pahlivan x Dojgurgush), Arab line. She is approved for breeding by VNIIK.

Darginka is a calm and responsive horse who takes care of her rider. She placed 6th in BC in endurance in her second year of riding as she won many rides between 25-35 miles (mostly because of her quick recoveries and low hear rate).

Darginka loves jumping and she is ready to be shown at 3′. She is also ready for 50 mile endurance rides. Photo below is of her trainer Meghan jumping her at 3’6″.

Darginka absolutely loves field hunting, and she is fast and sensible! She has also been in parades with children riding her and she isn’t phased by all the commotion.

More information about Darginka is available on her blog postings and and check out all her photos on Flickr!

Darginka free jumping Darginka
Darginka & Emma pony rides!


Darginka’s pedigree:Darginka

VNIIK 101600799 Darginka 1999
type: 7.5, conformation: 8.0, height: 161cm/16hh

type 7.8
conformation 8.0
166 cm
Gektor Gaukhar Garem
Kaska Kemir
Akabella Akbelek Akbar
Asmana Aksol
 Darpatype 8.0

conformation 8.0

Pakhlivan Ametist Absent
Palma Fakir Pelvan
Dojgurgush Pervaz Polotli
Dangdan Enish


Sire: Gigant was a Grand Prix Class jumper in Russia



Fourth generation ancestors:
Fakir Pelvan Askol Abscent
Fifth generation ancestors:
Kara Kir Arab kir-sakar

and check out her beautiful full sister Daga, 2008 US champion mare (SANA & ATSA):

221. Rare Breeds Show - Daga

8 Generation Coefficient of Inbreeding: 2.4314 %

Percentages of blood (ranked): Partial inbreeding due to Dor Bairam 0.404%, Kir Sakar 0.305%, Arab 0.292%, Slutshay 0.185%, Toporbay 0.131%, Makh 0.122%, Ag Ishan 0.122%, Boinou 0.084%, Bek Nasar Al 0.068%, Bek Nasar Dor 0.067%, Fakir Sulu 0.062%, Everdi Teleke 0.057%

Darginka is linebred to Dor Bairam :

Dor Bairam and Kir Sakar are completely apart from the current types. It was of the old line of CHOPAR KEL: type Alaman-At. Contrary to the modern criteria of the breeding which tend to make rectangular horses, one can say that the type Ak Sakal would be rather square… Nowadays the horses of the line have short and stable backs which make them ready to run long distances. It was proven that the nomads, before 1900, raised these horses with a very precise aim, to traverse long distances.

from the Akhal Stud

Darginka is built similar to her sire. She is a big, powerful mare of plain type. Although Darginka is of line Gelishikli, she is more directly influenced by lines of Dor Bairam and Kir Sakar.

From Turanian horse:

44 Dor Bairam is another Chopar Kel line stallion this time with a maternal connection to 2a Boinou and Kutli Sakar. He was of excellent size for his time and powerfully muscled, although he did have what the Russians call a “fleshy back.”

Dor Bairam was extensively bred in Turkmenistan, but most of his sons were sold to Kazakhstan to be used in breeding programs there. Like Kir Sakar, Dor Bairam turned out to be an exceptional broodmare sire.

From Akhal Stud:

The characteristics of the line are the purity, the very marked old standard, solid health making them suited to the endurance and the trec.

Darginka More information about Darginka is available on her blog postingsand check out all her photos on Flickr!